How To Start A YouTube Channel From Scratch

This has got to be one of the most searched for topics on the internet? If you have heard of Felix Kjellberg’s (PewDiePie) whopping $15 million earnings from YouTube, you probably are aware that this platform is a goldmine. YouTube started out as a personal video blog but has grown into a multibillion-dollar platform. Who would have thought that posting videos online would become the day job that millions of people all over the world do? YouTube offers an approach to money-making that highlights fun and purpose, giving users the opportunity to build a community that buys into their content and ideas. There are also opportunities for partnerships. Starting a profitable YouTube Channel is not too big of a deal. Let?s take a look at the steps involved in getting your YouTube channel up and running.

Think Identity!

There are millions of accounts on YouTube but something that is common to the successful ones is an understanding of what their videos will be about. I put this as the first step because oftentimes, people jump to the next only to realize that they could have gotten this down first. The good news however is, it’s never too late. Although, it can change over time as you discover what your community would rather watch. Also, you would have to come up with a name for your channel. A lot of people name their channels after themselves. You can use your nickname or draw up some combinations, for example, Bella’s bay or Seanalley. You can also come up with a name that boldly states what you plan to offer for example DressUpChallenge or MakeUp Tutorials, etc.

Create Your Channel

You can create a personal channel or a brand channel depending on what you have in mind. This is very easy and all you need are a Google account, a computer, and an internet connection. Search for “YouTube” in your browser. It is usually the first search result that pops up. Also, some devices come with a preinstalled app. If you do not already have a Google account, you do not have to worry. You can simply create one. After doing this, you simply need to locate and click on “Create a new channel”.

The About Section

To help differentiate your channel from others, YouTube requires that you fill in the appropriate profile details requested. Also, you will need to fill out the “About section”. This is simply a description of what your channel is about in the most understandable of terms. This is like passport photographs and it helps viewers decide if the content you give interests them. Also, it will feature in multiple places on your channel. Hence, you should put in a lot of effort into it. You can also include links to your social media and website here.

Further branding

You’ll need a cover art that puts your channel in perspective. You can make this yourself or have a friend create it for you. It could be a photograph, a flyer, banner or painting. Also, there is no serious standard except that it should be clear and just right for your channel. Likewise, you can have multiple designs which you can change over time. The requirement for your cover art is 2560 x 1440 pixels of at most 4MB. What people see has an effect on their interest most times, so give it a good shot.

Create Videos

Of course, you have to create videos for your channel. YouTube is filled with tonnes of videos of different qualities and length. However, it is advisable to go for the quality you can offer. Truly, the quality of your video depends on the gadgets available to you. You can record videos that look good with your smartphone camera or you can get a DLSR or camcorder. The only major problem with using smartphones is the low volume associated with some videos. You can remedy this with a good microphone. Most videographers have told us time and over that what differentiates a poor video from a great video is more than the camera. You have to have good lighting and angle. With properly positioned LED lights, you can make top-quality videos. You also need to decide on what you would like your background to look like. You can have a plain background, spice it up with some art, or fairy light, etc. Regardless of your choice of a recording device, you need a tripod stand to give you stable images from any angle. After recording, you need to edit your video. This can be done with the easily accessible Windows MovieMaker.

Upload Your Video

After filming and editing your video, it?s time to post it. You can find the upload button at the top right corner of the screen, just beside your profile icon. While uploading, you will need to fill in a title, video description and, tags to help position it properly on the platform. This seems simple but it makes the difference between a highly viewed video and those with low views. It takes quality thinking time and will be mastered over time.

Make noise about your video

Following your upload, you can earn viewers by letting people know that it is out. You can add it to the home page of your website or blog about it. Your social media accounts also come in handy in this regard. Talk about it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can share it multiple times with different captions just in case somebody missed it.

Grow your channel

One video is not enough to have a successful YouTube channel so, you must be consistent. Engage your community by answering questions, and encouraging comments and suggestions. As time goes on, you might want to try YouTube Ads to publicize your channel too. Take care to learn, unlearn, and relearn new ways of making your channel better.