Creating A Passive Income With Spreadshirt

One way of the earliest ways I have found to create a stream of income is by using an online print on demand service called Spreadshirt.

Well what is Spreadshirt?

Well, if this snippet taken from their blog post here doesn’t explain then I dunno what will.
“Spreadshirt is an online merchandise company that allows people to design, buy and sell products on the Web.”

This means, you do not have to print and press any clothing you want in your own home. Spreadshirt does it all from their warehouse and they also handle the logistics such as storage and shipping.

Who can create a passive income utilizing Spreadshirt?

Anyone can create passive income using Spreadshirt. There are multiple ways one can utilize Spreadshirt to create passive income from those looking to launch a clothing brand to those who just want to list designs. Obviously marketing your shop will increase the visibility and thus amount of sales you obtain.

Why use Spreadshirt?

What are some different ways to start earning income using Spreadshirt?
So far I have only experienced 2 different methods to create income using Spreadshirt.

  • 1st – Creating a store, filling it up with items and selling them

Creating a store and placing items to sell in it is the #1 most used strategy when it comes to Spreadshirt. Using P.O.D. services eliminates the need to house inventory as every order is processed, fulfilled, and reviewed at Spreadshirt’s warehouse before being shipped out to the customer. Spreadshirt has been regularly adding new items to their customizable product list, so shirts aren’t the only products you can sell.

  • 2nd – Creating and selling designs

While creating your products, you have the option to use already created designs from the Design Marketplace for a commission fee. All of these designs were created by another user. You can create and upload new designs to be placed on the marketplace for others to use. This can become a pretty steady source of passive income if your designs have a purpose and are priced economically. If you create a design based around a holiday then chances are this design will be picked up and used by a designer.


There are many online Print On Demand (P.O.D.) services and Spreadshirt is one of the most prominent. With their ability to allow designers to create their own clothing line without needing the skills to design their own artwork is a huge plus. Spreadshirt is giving people the ability to create their own stream of passive income.

So you have created the next great holiday themed shirt/hoodie/coffee mug; Now what? Next we will be taking a look at online marketplaces to sell your newly created designs.