Looking for a way to get started investing? Why not try Robinhood?


I have been using Robinhood to manage my stocks since late 2019. As I am writing this it has been around a little under 9 months of using the app.

I began by joining and referring my brother and significant other. It was pretty seemless and they were also interested in the free stock that my referral provided.

My current goal is to try to acquire a large amount of dividend producing stocks to help provide a monthly income. The free stocks I was rewarded with were Fitbit and BlackBerry.

Of which, I sold both of these and began to purchase monthly dividend earning stocks.

I had been investing in MORL before the pandemic hit as it proved to provide a monthly dividend and was within the price I wanted to pay for a stock every now and then. During the initial stock crash, MORL crashed from around $13 to around $5.

Having just started out a few month prior, my novice heart dropped. However, EVERYONE and their mom gave the advice of when most pull out the bold go deeper. Well I purchased more of MORL, until the second part of the crash happened and I lost 100% of MORL as its price dropped so low it was delisted.

From there on, I focused my investments on blue chip companies such as Coca Cola (KO) and a few real estate investments. They have proven to be good choices for me thus far as they help provide the largest boost to my account value and I hope they continue to do so.


If you are looking for an easy way to get into the stock market (and I’m no investor but Id say free is the best way to start with anything), then why not give my link a click and obtain your free stock. While adding money will vary depending on your financial situation, everyone could do with a free stock to get them started.

You now have a claim to a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook. In order to keep this claim to your stock, sign up and join Robinhood using my link.

– Both you and I would get a free share of stock for you joining Robinhood

–  You can sell your reward stock after 3 trading days

– You have a 1 in 90 chance of getting Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft

– You have a 1 in 100 chance of getting Ford or Sprint

– You have a 100% chance of getting a free share of stock for each friend that you can get to join with your own referral code

The stock is not automatically deposited into your account. You will get a notification (or look in your history/past invites screen) and you have 60 days to claim the reward.


Why I Use Siteground (And Why YOU Should Too!)

Currently I use Siteground for my hosting as when I finished researching it seemed to be the best use of my money. My old website hosting company had become somewhat defunct to the point where I could not even access my websites through their portal. I hopped online and watched countless Youtube reviews and looked at what feels like endless blog posts to get an idea of a next step.

After dealing with Etsy fees I decided Siteground would be worth a try for the free month. My experience was so positive that I have decided to stay since.

I currently use it to run all of my websites, including where Make Money B4 College is located.

Here are some points as to why I use them and why I think you should too!

  • – Amazing affiliate sign up deal wherein I received a good portion of my initial year investment waived
  • – Very easy to use when setting up multiple websites, backups, email accounts, etc. The ability to customize nearly everything is also a nice benefit.
  • – Performance of my websites since my hosting switch as been night and day. My websites are faster and experience no downtime which both me and my readers enjoy.

I would highly recommend any and everyone looking to start making money online on their own to use Siteground.

Below is my affiliate link to provide you with information on Siteground. Siteground is offering a free month to try it out their services and I say give it a go! Cancel before the month is done if it isn’t working for you, but I did the same a jumped onboard.

Read what they have to say and see if this is right for your business.


Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

It is not surprising how there are endless ways of increasing one’s income and rightly so, as our needs and wants to keep increasing. Affiliate marketing has become an important feature on the list of ways and has been said to be capable of producing a lot of money with little work. However, is that really the case? Let’s take a look at what affiliate marketing is and how it is done briefly. We will also consider what benefits it offers.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, it is a form of marketing done online in which the brand being marketed pays you a cut from the sales that your referrals induce. Clearly, you want to know how referrals come in. It is as simple as those you use to invite friends to social media platforms as you have likely done in the past. Likewise, you are given an affiliate link which when clicked on refers your followers to the brand or store you are marketing. You first have to present the product or brand to your followers and when they click on the link and actually buy something, you get a commission.

How do I get started?

This is totally your next question! You find available affiliate marketing programs and sign up for them. As simple as this is, many people get heavily involved with too many brands that they are not even able to get the best out of any one of them. To avoid the same mistake, you want to plan properly before signing up. Your planning should involve the following step

  • Choose your Niche

You want to be able to place yourself in a position that enables you to give your best hence you want a niche that allows you to express yourself easily. If there are too many people on it already, you might want to consider others that you are passionate about. Your niche should have a lot of potential topics so that you can generate content consistently. You also want to check how much money you can get by working in your chosen niche.

  • Create your website

Yes, if you are going to be serious about affiliate marketing, you must be willing to create a website. WordPress is usually highlighted as a good start for such a website. Your website or blog can have any layout but you might want to check out those by other marketers to shape yours. Some other important information that must be on your website includes contact, about section, advertisement, disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of service. A custom 404 page would also be a good idea as it will prevent your followers from being disconnected from your brand easily. It will also help in converting visitors to serious followers.

  • Make amazing content

The content you create goes a long way in determining the size of your audience and the larger it is the more money you can make from affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketing programs clearly specify that you must have been uploading content for a given duration of time or have a given number of posts up before you can apply to be an affiliate marketer. This is in a bid to ascertain that you have the size of the audience they are looking for. It is appropriate for your content to be directly or indirectly related to the products offered by the brands you market. Blogs containing pictures are more engaging and attractive. Take advantage of things happening in the world around to help your followers relate to your content and to keep visitors glued.

  • Keep your followers where information can reach them

Social media and email come in handy for informing your followers that you have new posts up or for advertising. Truly, the email is one that works the best and you should put a lot of time into enlarging your mailing list. Add a popup to your site which requests for visitors to join your mailing list to get first-hand information. You can and should automate your email marketing so that you have time to focus on other things.

  • Select Products to Promote

Having established your voice and presence, you are all set to start promoting but first, you must select products to promote. Bear in mind that these products have to conform to your niche or they won’t matter to your audience, translating into little to zero referrals. Products that you use give you the advantage of giving your followers the confidence they need to buy by narrating your experience with the product.

  • Monitor your results

Having done all the above things, you need to monitor your progress. This will give direction to your future product choices and what steps to take for better results.

New to Stocks? We’ve got you covered!

As much as trading in stocks can earn you a lot of money, some of us can have a totally wrong idea about it. Trading in stocks is not to be viewed as a short term investment that will churn out a lot of revenue in no time. You can ask people who have experience. It is not that easy. The stock market is unique and a good grasp of the fundamentals is necessary for success. You would likely be concerned about how anybody would want to share a part of their company. Companies sell shares in order to raise money for their start-up or for expansion. This process of raising money is called equity financing. Let’s now take a brief look at some basic terms that you should have down if you will be dealing in the stock market.

Basic terms used in the stock market

  • Share

A share of a stock is simply defined as a fraction of the ownership of a given company. Each share unit is sold at a given price which is the worth of that share. Buying shares of a company makes you share in the ownership of some of their assets and earnings.

  • Dividends

This is your share of the earnings that the company of which you own a share makes. Only companies that have been around long enough pay yearly. The company makes these earnings from selling their products or offering services.

  • Broker

Somebody who buys and sells stock on your behalf is called a broker. They do this for a fee which is called a commission.

  • Stock Exchange

This is the place where buying and selling of stocks is done.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

This is the term for the first time a company puts its shares up for sale. This follows a decision by the company to go public. This results in a transition from private ownership and few investors to public ownership.

  • Open

This is simply the time when the stock exchange opens for trading. It varies from one stock exchange to the other but the same thing happens – people can start to trade.

  • Portfolio

This is a document that contains your investments in a compiled form. You can have as few as one stock and as many as possible.

  • Quote

This is contained in the information about the current trading price of the stocks.

  • Volatility

This describes the stability of the price of a given stock. Highly volatile stocks experience wide price changes very rapidly. With expertise, one can make a lot from these.

  • Yield

This is the percentage of your investment that is returned to you as dividends. It is calculated by dividing the annual dividend you receive by the amount that was invested.

  • Volume

This is the total number of shares bought or sold within a given trading period. The commonly used volume is the daily trading volume. Volume can also refer to the number of shares you purchase of a single company.

Having learned a few of these terms, the next thing you probably want to know is if there are different types of stocks. Actually, there are two major types of stocks.

Types of Stocks

  • Common stocks

With common stocks, the shareholder receives dividends when the company d=pays them and they have a say in shareholder’s meetings.

  • Preferred stocks

With preferred stock the shareholder has priority should the company go bankrupt. However, they do not have voting rights like those with common stocks. They also receive dividends earlier than shareholders with common stocks.

Other types include;

  • Large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks

Market capitalization is the total worth of shares in a stock. Based on this, they can be classified as large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap. Those with a large volume ($10 billion or more) are called the large-cap stocks, those with, market caps from $2 billion to $10 billion are called mid-cap stocks, and those below $2 billion are called small-cap stocks. Large-cap stocks are seen as safer by a lot of investors.

  • International and Domestic stocks

Stocks are classified as international or domestic-based on where the company headquarters is domiciled. If it is located in the United States, their stocks are referred to as domestic but if outside the country, international. It is possible to trade in both international and domestic stocks.

  • Growth and Value stocks

Growth shares riskier as their values can fall as sharply as they rise, if not more sharply. They are the shares of companies that are experiencing a rapid rise in sales. Value stocks are relatively less expensive than their peer or their past prices. They are usually mature stocks of companies that might not need to expand much further.

  • Cyclical and Noncyclical stocks

Cyclical stocks are those that are not flexible to economic cycles of recession and prosperity alike. Their demand usually surges when times are good. The noncyclical stocks do well regardless of the economic cycle.

  • Dividend and Nondividend stocks

Dividend stocks are of these companies that pay dividends to their shareholders from as low as $0.01. These dividends qualify as revenue for the shareholders. The nondividend shares are useful investments because they can earn the shareholder a considerable amount of money when their prices rise. At this point, they can be sold at a higher price than they were bought.

Are Stocks the same as Bonds?

No, they are not. Bonds are debts that the company agrees to pay back with interest while shares represent a part of the company sold to raise money. Bondholders can obtain their principal with interest if they wish and they have a higher priority than the shareholders should the company go abrupt. Bonds are not as risky as stocks but they do not have the long-term return potential that stocks have. Many investors are advised to invest in both shares and bonds to be safe.

Sectors in the stock market

Stocks are usually classified according to the type of business they are connected with. These categories include consumer staples, financials, communication services, industrial, healthcare, real estate, etc.

How To Start A YouTube Channel From Scratch

This has got to be one of the most searched for topics on the internet? If you have heard of Felix Kjellberg’s (PewDiePie) whopping $15 million earnings from YouTube, you probably are aware that this platform is a goldmine. YouTube started out as a personal video blog but has grown into a multibillion-dollar platform. Who would have thought that posting videos online would become the day job that millions of people all over the world do? YouTube offers an approach to money-making that highlights fun and purpose, giving users the opportunity to build a community that buys into their content and ideas. There are also opportunities for partnerships. Starting a profitable YouTube Channel is not too big of a deal. Let?s take a look at the steps involved in getting your YouTube channel up and running.

Think Identity!

There are millions of accounts on YouTube but something that is common to the successful ones is an understanding of what their videos will be about. I put this as the first step because oftentimes, people jump to the next only to realize that they could have gotten this down first. The good news however is, it’s never too late. Although, it can change over time as you discover what your community would rather watch. Also, you would have to come up with a name for your channel. A lot of people name their channels after themselves. You can use your nickname or draw up some combinations, for example, Bella’s bay or Seanalley. You can also come up with a name that boldly states what you plan to offer for example DressUpChallenge or MakeUp Tutorials, etc.

Create Your Channel

You can create a personal channel or a brand channel depending on what you have in mind. This is very easy and all you need are a Google account, a computer, and an internet connection. Search for “YouTube” in your browser. It is usually the first search result that pops up. Also, some devices come with a preinstalled app. If you do not already have a Google account, you do not have to worry. You can simply create one. After doing this, you simply need to locate and click on “Create a new channel”.

The About Section

To help differentiate your channel from others, YouTube requires that you fill in the appropriate profile details requested. Also, you will need to fill out the “About section”. This is simply a description of what your channel is about in the most understandable of terms. This is like passport photographs and it helps viewers decide if the content you give interests them. Also, it will feature in multiple places on your channel. Hence, you should put in a lot of effort into it. You can also include links to your social media and website here.

Further branding

You’ll need a cover art that puts your channel in perspective. You can make this yourself or have a friend create it for you. It could be a photograph, a flyer, banner or painting. Also, there is no serious standard except that it should be clear and just right for your channel. Likewise, you can have multiple designs which you can change over time. The requirement for your cover art is 2560 x 1440 pixels of at most 4MB. What people see has an effect on their interest most times, so give it a good shot.

Create Videos

Of course, you have to create videos for your channel. YouTube is filled with tonnes of videos of different qualities and length. However, it is advisable to go for the quality you can offer. Truly, the quality of your video depends on the gadgets available to you. You can record videos that look good with your smartphone camera or you can get a DLSR or camcorder. The only major problem with using smartphones is the low volume associated with some videos. You can remedy this with a good microphone. Most videographers have told us time and over that what differentiates a poor video from a great video is more than the camera. You have to have good lighting and angle. With properly positioned LED lights, you can make top-quality videos. You also need to decide on what you would like your background to look like. You can have a plain background, spice it up with some art, or fairy light, etc. Regardless of your choice of a recording device, you need a tripod stand to give you stable images from any angle. After recording, you need to edit your video. This can be done with the easily accessible Windows MovieMaker.

Upload Your Video

After filming and editing your video, it?s time to post it. You can find the upload button at the top right corner of the screen, just beside your profile icon. While uploading, you will need to fill in a title, video description and, tags to help position it properly on the platform. This seems simple but it makes the difference between a highly viewed video and those with low views. It takes quality thinking time and will be mastered over time.

Make noise about your video

Following your upload, you can earn viewers by letting people know that it is out. You can add it to the home page of your website or blog about it. Your social media accounts also come in handy in this regard. Talk about it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can share it multiple times with different captions just in case somebody missed it.

Grow your channel

One video is not enough to have a successful YouTube channel so, you must be consistent. Engage your community by answering questions, and encouraging comments and suggestions. As time goes on, you might want to try YouTube Ads to publicize your channel too. Take care to learn, unlearn, and relearn new ways of making your channel better.

Creating A Passive Income With Spreadshirt

One way of the earliest ways I have found to create a stream of income is by using an online print on demand service called Spreadshirt.

Well what is Spreadshirt?

Well, if this snippet taken from their blog post here doesn’t explain then I dunno what will.
“Spreadshirt is an online merchandise company that allows people to design, buy and sell products on the Web.”

This means, you do not have to print and press any clothing you want in your own home. Spreadshirt does it all from their warehouse and they also handle the logistics such as storage and shipping.

Who can create a passive income utilizing Spreadshirt?

Anyone can create passive income using Spreadshirt. There are multiple ways one can utilize Spreadshirt to create passive income from those looking to launch a clothing brand to those who just want to list designs. Obviously marketing your shop will increase the visibility and thus amount of sales you obtain.

Why use Spreadshirt?

What are some different ways to start earning income using Spreadshirt?
So far I have only experienced 2 different methods to create income using Spreadshirt.

  • 1st – Creating a store, filling it up with items and selling them

Creating a store and placing items to sell in it is the #1 most used strategy when it comes to Spreadshirt. Using P.O.D. services eliminates the need to house inventory as every order is processed, fulfilled, and reviewed at Spreadshirt’s warehouse before being shipped out to the customer. Spreadshirt has been regularly adding new items to their customizable product list, so shirts aren’t the only products you can sell.

  • 2nd – Creating and selling designs

While creating your products, you have the option to use already created designs from the Design Marketplace for a commission fee. All of these designs were created by another user. You can create and upload new designs to be placed on the marketplace for others to use. This can become a pretty steady source of passive income if your designs have a purpose and are priced economically. If you create a design based around a holiday then chances are this design will be picked up and used by a designer.


There are many online Print On Demand (P.O.D.) services and Spreadshirt is one of the most prominent. With their ability to allow designers to create their own clothing line without needing the skills to design their own artwork is a huge plus. Spreadshirt is giving people the ability to create their own stream of passive income.

So you have created the next great holiday themed shirt/hoodie/coffee mug; Now what? Next we will be taking a look at online marketplaces to sell your newly created designs.